Seriously...Not So Much!

I've been painting like crazy lately.  The ideas for children's paintings keep flying out of my head and even have little poems or stories attached.  

It's crazy! 

It took awhile to put away the idea that one day I might be a serious artist and just come to terms with the fact that maybe, just maybe, my art just shouldn't be taken all that seriously.

I'm not that serious so this isn't too far to fall.  

It's not like I'm very serious about making my characters look real.  I've been known to throw a pair of glasses on a mouse at any given moment.
So, I guess it makes sense that I lean toward the whimsical world of children's illustrations.

With that little tidbit of realization....I went all in.

I've found a wonderful printer in the Chattanooga area and he is doing a great job putting my artwork in print form.  That cute little mermaid up top is a large print now available in my Etsy store for a reasonable price and still able to be personalized!  It's amazing how someone who really knows what they are doing can make printed artwork look so much like the original painting, especially watercolor!

How can one be serious with stuff like this floating around in one's head?

Well, I know now to embrace my whimsy and silliness and hope everyone will enjoy it too.  

Mr. Fox and his little poem is in transition.  You get to see just a portion of the painting and although that is the whole of the poem, it has not yet been determined how it will sit upon the page.  

The painting awaits a title, some design for the placement of the copy, 
then off to the printer.  

If you would like a chance to win the first, hot print of this little guy when he comes off the press....

                                  ....go visit and "LIKE" my FACEBOOK PAGE then enter your title submission under any picture of Mr. Fox.  

I'm going to let the kids decided which title is best!