Happy Hunting

It's been awhile since I have had the time or inclination to hit the antique and thrift shops but lately, the urge has returned. I have finally decided to move into the house that I have been living in for about 3 years now. We moved in although the house is not quite finished and in the beginning I felt that in order to unpack everything, it had to be....finished. Except for a few antique pieces that I acquired when I first got married, the rest of my furniture had a "suitable for little kids" or "college appropriate" feel. That has put me on a mission for "grown-up" furniture.

I have been frequenting a bevy of antique and consignment shops, and a couple of decent thrift stores in my area of daily travel. Yesterday I was giddy when I saw a beautiful dresser marked at $3.99! It's a wood dresser with dovetail joints and gorgeous hardware. I do have to give a bit of TLC to one of the drawers but otherwise, it's definitely a WIN!

Satisfied with my find for the day, the rain was coming down quite steadily so I decided to call it quits. However, while I loaded my find into the van, I looked over and saw a sad little rocking chair getting drenched and begging me to save it. The owner of the shop insisted it was trash and that I didn't want it. Oh, but I did....so much.
It needs a lot more TLC than the dresser but it is going to be a delight to fix up this little darling, don't you think? And yes, your eyes do not deceive, it folds! Keep an eye on the blog because when these little cuties get their makeover, I will do a little photo shoot.

By the way, this little chair cost me a whole $1.08........definitely happy hunting for me this week.

Happy Hunting Tips
  • Seek out shops that fall in your regular driving routine.
  • Stop by at least once a week.
  • Ask what day they put out new items and go early.
  • Look around the back and side of buildings for hidden treasures.
  • Don't be afraid to ask for what you want.