Back to Being Creative

Hello all.  I'm back.

I hit a creative block.  For quite awhile, I have not felt very artistically inclined except to do things that needed to be done.  This is not to say that I haven't "made" things.  I have.  I just didn't really feel like doing it while it was being done.  

My freelance work has been on hold for about 2 years.  My last major work was a series of large murals in the downtown area of Chattanooga in a local gym.  I ended the last mural and have not felt like getting back up on a ladder since.  My mural days just may be over but my desire to create has come back with a fierceness in the past few months that I have never felt before.  

I am very excited to explore scaling down my work so that I don't need a ladder to get a painting done.  

I have done bits and pieces of illustration over the years but have never really looked into doing it full time.  I anticipate that the client base will be a bit different as well as how to market myself but I'm pretty excited to give it a go.  
Simply Titled:  Mermaid ~ 2012

My first bit of work is whimsical and that's not really surprising.  This is your first peek at my new approach to freelance illustration.....wish me luck people!

Watercolor & Sepia Ink