Hopelessly Devoted or Just Hopeless?

Blogging seems to be a lot like that diary that I referred to in my first post....a hopeless endeavor. I went MIA so quickly and felt little remorse. I got so busy all of a sudden and all creativity flew out the window with things such as laundry, soccer, school, work, and chasing that cat that can't seem to drink out of his own bowl and prefers to put his too fat head into any glass left out and proceeds to shake that fat head while glass is still attached, thus break said glass! All I can say is that it is a good thing he is adorable and a bit "slow". For this, I take pity on him and allow him to stay.

Well, here I am again for a bit of an update. No painting has been done. I am currently an artist without paint. Aside from a bit of watercolor, all my paint has seemingly disappeared over the past few months and since I have been less than artistic, I'm not certain of where it has gone and I am not in the mood to hunt it down.

In my absence, I have worked on craft and home projects but have not been as artistically inclined regarding the finer arts. It's sad really. I do miss it but feel unworthy to approach it for lack of organization and motivation in other areas of my life. Almost like a punishment or time out, it is as if I will not allow myself the pleasure of creating art until I behave myself and act the adult and get the other stuff accomplished.

I have allowed myself little bits of crafty pleasure as instant gratification rewards. A one or two hour break with the satisfaction of leaving with something in my hand. I have finally conquered the basics of knitting and am proud to say that with the help of a dear friend, I have been able to understand the cable knit. This means that I am one step closer to my life goal of being able to knit socks.

Christmas came and went with the idea to avoid more clutter by refusing to pull out any holiday boxes at all. We purchased a cut tree this year and made a plethora of paper ornaments. The cats all but ignored them and not a bit of glass was swept from the floor this year. Evidently, paper ornaments are not as enticing as antique glass ornaments. I was pleasantly surprised by the vintage effect of the paper ornaments....added a bit of burlap and my tree was positively adorable. I figured that I was on a path of handmade so kept with the flow and headed to the local thrift store to hunt down old wool sweaters to felt and promptly made them into cute little stockings. The kids were ready for something more "grown-up" rather than their little kid stockings that they have had since birth. The idea of felting a sweater for a stocking was inspired by "The Martha" but you know that it was done way before she had her lovely magazine and I won't let her take all the credit. Christmas was a lovely and low key event with natural pine boughs, a few lights, and handmade loveliness this year. Easy to enjoy and even easier to clean up, however, we did gain an extra box to store.

I'll try to be more faithful in 2012 and less hopeless in my blogging. Maybe the desire to be artistic will return soon.

Happy 2012