Art Everyday

I like a bit of everyday inspiration, especially on those days when I feel like I am only pushing papers and playing taxi.  I tend to feel less than creative during those mundane chores, yet, a bit of artistic pleasure drives me through those boring bits.

I make sure to surround my days with functional art.  From a hand thrown coffee mug to that scented candle that was locally made; these types of things make me smile.  Why buy a mass produced item at relatively the same cost when I can have something that is unique and even one of a kind.

I love creating the bits of art that make people smile, however, most of my work ends up in a frame on someone's wall; not exactly portable.  So in my quest to create "art to go", I tried to think of the perfect, with you all of the time, canvas.  The thing that kept interfering with this thought process ended up being the answer, the phone.

I figure that a little bit of art can be with you all of the time especially since it generally doesn't go much further than your purse or pocket.  The question that came next was only what to put on the little cases.  I don't copy licensed work so when someone asks if I can recreate Disney or Hello Kitty, I feel a bit insulted. Not too much, just a little bit.

Yes, yes I can.
No, I won't.

The reason behind that is that I don't like to infringe upon the talent of other artists (and just because we see their stuff everywhere, doesn't mean that there wasn't an artist involved somewhere in the mass production of the item).  Mainly, every artist wants to leave their mark on the world even in a little bitty way....even if it is just a very tiny but original bit of art on a phone case.  So, here is my bit of contribution to the art world.  Hand held art to fit on those hand held devices called "smart phones" to lend some artistic cheer.