Clutter Conundrum

No pretty pictures, no tutorials just checking in.  I'm in a clean and purge mode this year.  Have I done anything that is creative?  Yes, but it is out of necessity and on the fly.  I've created in rushes leaving a whirlwind of shredded paper, fabric, and other crafty accoutrements behind a giant steel door that separates the living part of my house from the creative part still dubbed, "The Attic Space" or "Future Master Bedroom".  It's a shameful mess and a complete waste of space which I am trying to control.  But while cleaning one room, I mess up others and the cycle never ends.  Sometimes I wish all of the mess would spontaneously combust (not really) OR just Martha Stewart itself into a nice & neat, color coordinated, arrangement that works for my mind.  

Ugly but Functional

I can't remember what the rule is, you know the one?

If you are faced with a series of problems, start with the hardest task first.  Or...is it, start with the easiest first?  Either way, I am still sitting amongst the clutter trying to organize, purge, and donate my way into some sort of usable space.  

I decided to work my way from the bottom up.  That means the garage/basement then up to the 2nd Floor for the studio.  One day I will have a studio.  Right now, I just need to find the dang drill!  Can you believe I just wanted this junk off the floor so bad that I hung it all on an unpainted wall?  Anyone who knows me, knows how difficult it was to resist just slapping any color up there but in all fairness, I was working with my husband and he doesn't have the patience to wait for paint to dry.  Since he was doing the heavy lifting, I had to comply.  

I am going to continue on my journey of Organizing my Life in 2012.  Meanwhile, bear with me and realize that when I do create that studio, good things will come. 

.................help me................

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