Lamp ReVamp

I needed something for Garden Girly's bedside table and this was just the find! On my frequent trips to my routine thrift stops I found this precious Art Nouveau knock off on the top shelf. It a typical color of dull metal that would have probably been paired with a stained glass shade and set atop an end table in a period decorated living room.

It was getting a new life in a little girl's room and needed to lighten up a bit. Here is the lovely end result for her little bed side table.

This little darling started out in the spray box and got a bit of spring green paint which turned it from a serious little lamp to a fun and fresh piece.
The details are perfect for a Garden Girly's garden style room.
Adding a bit of antiquing technique to the base lets the details pop showing the lily pad and budding flora.
It is darling however still needs a shade.
There was no way to find a matching shade, it was an odd shape and the missing shade was, no doubt, one of a kind.
A stained glass shade with heavy leading would have been too much for the little side table.
The option of a wire framed crochet shade seemed like a perfect solution.
From spray box to finished lamp was less than a few hours, most was spent working on the crochet shade.

  • Project cost less than $5
  • Find a lamp with a shape that you love.
  • Find a spray paint the works with the type of material that suits the part of the lamp that will be painted.
  • Prep it properly taping off cords and essential electrical areas that might be damaged by the paint.
  • Find a snazzy shade and give it a place of honor in your home.

New lighting is very expensive but for a fraction of the cost, you can have something gorgeous that will coordinate perfectly.

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