Vintage Photo Fun

How beautiful and elegant are old photos.
Wonderful finds especially if they are family members that you know personally.

Meet my Nonna, these are some beautiful photos of her in her teens and 20s. These two photos were both taken in Italy and show the elegance of Italian style and grace.

The photographs themselves are beautiful on heavy paper and although they show signs of age how can one not love looking at them. The beautiful dresses, the innocence of a bow in the hair then later the exotic addition of feathers for the wedding dress. A gorgeous presentation on both even the stamp of the photographer screams sophistication of the times.

I love old photographs and love playing around with them. I would never dare to damage the actual photograph, it stays in the condition in which it is found. The modern age allows us to copy and alter things without hurting the original and I love Photoshop for playing around with this media. Think of how one can incorporate a theme or style into these beautiful portraits.

I played around just a little bit today, adding deco swirls and a bit of color to my Nonna's photos. I had a lot of fun and can use the changed photo files to create lovely gifts that online printing companies offer. From tapestries to coffee mugs, these photos can be used to create memorable keepsakes to give to loved ones.

Even if you rescue an old photo of a complete stranger, the vintage shots give so much to designing something unique.

The best places to find this photos are antique malls. Pay attention to the bins and boxes sometimes left on floors, they often have piles of old post cards and photos. Sometimes, picking up old Bibles will reveal photographic treasures, mostly of children and formal events. Do not be discouraged if they are torn or faded, they are still usable and can be nice backdrops for writing. Add some flair and you have beautiful product tags.

Be creative with your beautiful finds and remember that just because it fell out of an old photo album that you may have found in the bottom of an old chest, it doesn't have to stay hidden there.

Go ahead and pull out those old photo albums & see what kind of beautiful that you can create!

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  1. When we were in Seattle we were in a shop of old magazines, posters, photos, letters, etc. It was awesome. I love this stuff. Great write up! Now if I could only figure out how to use photoshop.