The Good - The Bad - The Ugly

Inspiration from Undesirable Circumstances

Art can come from many places, the admiration of nature, a detail that stands out in the mind of the artist, and the desire to capture the joy of an event. Sometimes the inspiration to create art comes from areas that are not as pleasant but need to be created none the less for the voice of the artist to be heard.

The inspiration for this piece is a direct result of being privy to GOOD people in Chattanooga

who are organizing against a BAD situation

involving an UGLY company that is trying to leave the area without doing the right thing.

The candlelight vigil in the neighborhood church of Alton Park was what inspired this bit of "ugly" art. It is not the kind of art one generally wants to frame and hang over their sofa or display near their decorative vase. This is the kind of art that is meant to send a message. A bit messy like the thought process, scratched out in angry frustration at the mega-company that wants to leave behind their toxic chemical mess. It is a sort of pen and ink therapy for this artist who hopes that this piece, as ugly as it is, lends to the voiced protest making it all the louder and hopefully a bit more effective to the cause.

So do I see activism art as a part of my future? Not all days are peaches and cream. Some are evidently coal tar and benzoic acid, which make for a whole different kind of inspiration.

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