Handmade Sentiments

Who doesn't love going to the mailbox and finding that little token of affection that let's one know that they are in someone's thoughts?

We open that little door on a daily basis expecting junk mail and bills but always in the back of the mind, hoping for something special. Everyone does it on some level, even if only once or twice a year.

In this modern age of emails and texts, it is almost a rarity to find that handwritten letter or even a card that which gives the receiving party a sense of being cared about, thus making the receiving of such a treat all the more precious.

Can you imagine the thrill of receiving not just a store bought card but something that the sender sat down to create specifically for the recipient? One might think that they don't have the talent or even the time to do such a thing but it's easy and creates the most beautiful of sentiments!

I was introduced to Stampin' Up at a Craft Social event in downtown Chattanooga. We were off to make Valentines and did not realize that it would create a bit of an addiction. Not only were we able to walk away with a gorgeous treat, we were able to visit freely while creating it. The concentration levels are not so intense allowing one to socialize throughout the process. It's a great "Girl's Night Out" as well as nice "Mother & Daughter Time".

No pressure and all the fun!

us how to create a pretty card using punches, stamps, ribbon, a bit of sticky stuff, and written sentiments then allowed us a little creative freedom which gave us the opportunity to make the card our own.

Some of us got a little wild, while others stuck to the format but everyone was pleased in the end. I immediately found some postage and mailed my little creations out to friends and family while others decided to build a little box set for rainy days or gifts. Sending creative letters of love and adoration was considered an art form, "once upon a time" and it well should be still. Engage yourself in the art of expression with a little card making session. I promise, you will love it and so will the person that receives a pretty little sentiment from you!

What a wonderful way to show someone you care.
Give them a gift with your handiwork all over it!

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