ART is for Children Too

Creating for children is the most satisfying experience.  The look on a child's face when they see a bit of art that is specifically created for them in mind, is wonderful and delightful.  I have created illustrations for bedtime stories, theme room murals, and bits of art for rhyme.  A picture to go along with a favorite song or even Bible verse is a helpful for memorization and what child doesn't like to add a bit of art to call their very own?

One type of art that I create often is Bible lesson plan illustration to be used in many ways but mostly as a coloring sheet for the children.  I've found that there is a limitation on cute, colorful art that goes with Bible teachings.  I think that adults believe that cute illustration makes a Bible presentation less valid.  Not, so!  It makes it much more memorable in the eyes of a child.  Isn't that the goal, after all?  To help them remember the presentation?

Word play helps memory and what better way to help that word play than to add a cute bit of illustration to go with a Bible verse?

"But "BEE" ye doers of the word, and not hearers only..."
James 1:22a

How much "more" fun did that verse just get with this little bee art that was created digitally?  

The neat thing about this bit of art is that I can instantly have a
with a few clicks.  

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